Islam Is Not a Religion

Islam isn’t a religion it’s a lifestyle. The reason for religion is to show you how to act such that will lift your body, brain and soul. Assuming you are an adherent of a confidence, this information comes from a higher source so on account of Islam the lifestyle choice your life for the advancement of humanity is from Allah through His disclosures to the Prophet Muhammad (harmony and endowments upon him) in the Quran. So when individuals contradicting Islam say that it’s something beyond a religion, don’t they understand that it ought to be and islamic status.

The world has progressed such a great amount in the last 100 or more years. The utilization of present day transport permits us to travel further and quicker, bridling the assets of the earth through coal, oil and gas, uranium to get power, petroleum, and atomic fuel. The utilization of innovation to deliver items better and quicker, and to interface individuals all throughout the planet. However, with this have individuals truly progressed, that is if power somehow managed to be turned off then is our set of accepted rules better or more regrettable?

Individuals of Prophet Hud four ages after Prophet Noah (harmony and gift on them) believed themselves to be progressed around then and to be genuinely solid. They assembled the city of Iram with grandiose columns the like of which was never seen (Quran 89:6-8). They had faith in worshipful admiration, they were self-important, saying who is mightier than us in force and they were harmful to Prophet Hud (Peace arrive). After an extensive stretch of restricting God they were annihilated.

Islam’s lessons have represented more than 1400 years and the guidelines and standards are not open to be adjusted by man. For instance the utilization of liquor in Islam is completely prohibited as it ruins the brain and soul. So to change this to make it satisfactory to drink in and for governments to profit by it by burdening the liquor will eventually prompt defilement. An entire industry developed around this contending to boycott liquor will bring about loss of occupations and assessment income. This is the way man strays from Allah’s orders and makes issues (liquor misuse, wrongdoing, and so forth) by making a prohibited conduct passable and afterward attempting to address its belongings.

Assuming you have faith in a religion, you have confidence in God and the sacred texts. At that point to approach transforming them to suit the time-frame, area and requests of a couple of individuals in power will just make issues later on, subsequently the Quran stands the unaltered expression of Allah.

The surge of adverse data on Islam is to occupy individuals from the genuine light of Islam and the shrewdness it holds. So the negative mission against Islam that wins with lies, inappropriately cites, maltreatment towards the Prophet Muhammad (harmony and favors upon him) and towards the Quran. This is with the plan to acquire a response from Muslims to then further blame them for being bigoted, against free discourse and vote based system

One of the fundamental allegations put on Islam is that it smothers ladies. Islam more than 1400 years prior gave ladies such countless rights while two or three hundred years prior the congregation was discussing if ladies had a spirit. In the Quran there is an entire section named ladies (Surah An-Nisa) expressing the property privileges of ladies and their marriage rights. Additionally the admiration of the mother is given multiple times more than the dad in one hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (harmony and favors upon him).

Another defamation is, that Islam was spread by the blade, Quran 2:256 states there is no impulse in religion and no Muslim armed force went to Indonesia to drive Islam yet it is the country with the biggest Muslim populace on the planet.