Keychain Privacy Collection

Whether you’re in a public restroom, the office, or at home, the Keychain Privacy Collection will help keep you safe and secure in any environment.

How Does it Work?

They Keychain Privacy Collection includes two keychain detectors that work to “sniff out” hidden cameras, audio and/or video transmitters that may be hiding wherever you are. With the touch of two buttons and a 30 second wait time, these keychain devices will detect whether your privacy has been compromised.

What Does Each Key Chain Do?

Each keychain can be used for a specific function.

The Cam Detector

They keychain “Cam Detector” works to detect hidden acrylic keychain cameras with the touch of a button. Whether the cameras are wireless, wired or hidden, the powerful VPF technology (variable pulsating frequency) will illuminate ANY camera lens from up to 10 feet away using a high powered LED light.

Additionally, you can use the LED mini flashlight incorporated into the device to help find your way in the dark, locate a keyhole, or any other function where light may be required. This is a truly multi-tasking device!

The BugTracer

The second keychain (the “BugTracer”) works by locating any hidden audio or video transmitters that may be present. Press one button, and the device will emit a loud beep and a flashing LED light to alert you of any transmitters in the room.

To assist you in locating the transmitter, the light and beep frequency will increase as you get closer. If you prefer silent detection, you can easily customize your settings for the BugTracer to operate without sound. You can also change the sensitivity of this device by using the “High” or “Low” sensitivity buttons when attempting to locate the audio or visual transmitter.