The Best Place For Free Online Games

After browsing the web for several hours trying to find the best online entertainment sites, it is clear that there are only a handful of them and the places that claim to have thousands only have a few dozen for each category. Today’s online gaming sites have become popular because, unlike stand alone gaming consoles, they can provide thousands of games for free instead of having to buy each game individually, which would quickly grow to thousands of dollars.

The best sources have two types of games, those based on Java platforms and those based on flash platforms, to make these games work you just need to have an updated browser, if not the only requirement is to download the indicated browser extension from a reliable website like Java. These games are also available for download so they can also be played while offline, which comes in handy for those who want to play for hours and use a dial up connection.

There are several categories that may grab your attention, but among the many games available there are some that are quite challenging despite their elementary and childish aspect. One such game is called “Puzzle Bobble” in the category of “classic” games. As you can imagine, this is a bit of an interactive puzzle where you have to match bubbles based on their colors to eliminate groups of bubbles with similar colors, it is a bit similar to Tetris where you have to match the shape to the one found in the base cubes, and just like Tetris if time runs out and pieces keep falling the game is over.

There are a few important things to remember in order to successfully progress through the many levels of this game, the first is that the roof starts to collapse and get closer to your “bubble launcher” every 10 seconds or so, so you want to keep firing as fast as possible and accurately possible to match colors and clean messy bubbles the other is “just like in Tetris” the next bubble and its color is displayed in the bubble launcher to help you figure out where you should aim the next one to clear some columns.

After you have advanced 5 levels you will find it quite challenging and if you have a couple you could advance to the seventh or ninth level where things start to get very complicated, so if you are a Tetris fan you will definitely love this game in particular. In addition to complicated bubbles, there are many other categories that can appeal to your taste such as action, war, battle, hunting, arcade, mature, simulation, TV show, strategy, pinball, role playing, racing and many more, but keep in mind that you should keep track of your time because these games are so addictive that you will find it easy to spend an hour or two on these sites.