Website Marketing – Tips to Get a Champagne Website on a Beer Budget

If you are a small company owner but do not have a website, you may be putting yourself in danger of being out of business. Website presence is just as important to the small corner store as it is for the big corporations that make up the skyline of downtowns in all major cities. Researches and studies have shown that 70% of customers search the internet to find out more about the product or service prior to purchasing or contracting for a service. From the other side of the coin the absence of a website can only draw in 30 percent of potential customers. It’s a deficit sufficient to put the majority of companies out of the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man show, or the size of a company with 10,000 employees If you don’t have a website than you’re losing customers companies with websites.

In the end, it is not enough just to have a website. If you wish to be taken seriously it is essential to have an appealing and professional website. A professionally designed site for a small company will be more credible than larger businesses with poorly designed websites. Your website will be the first impression potential customers get regarding your company. It should be possible for them to effortlessly navigate your website and gain more information about your company from the comfort of their own work or home. If your website is poorly designed, it could leave you out in the middle when it comes down to the person a potential kissanime customer decides to provide their information to. It happens all too often when companies choose a “design it yourself” website package and attempt to create an effective website on their own.

Having a custom designed website for your small business is much more affordable than it was in years ago. There are many web designers charging hundreds of dollars from small-scale entrepreneurs to create an online presence. A little extra research and effort would expose the web design firms, such as The Website Shack who specialize in creating websites for small-sized business owners. With just a couple hundred dollars, a small company can have a specially web site that will draw potential customers and ensure protection for their current base. A website, even if you don’t sell online products, gives customers with the assurance that you exist. It establishes a brand for your business that a printed flyer or magazine ad could never compete with. With the expense of a professionally designed website that is affordable for businesses of any size, your company isn’t able to afford not to have an online presence.